M2-PK Quick

  • Early detection of non-bleeding / bleeding Colorectal cancer (CRC) and polyps.

  • Pre-colonoscopy screening test for Colorectal cancer (CRC).

  • High accurate and easy-to-perform test.


* Own illustration, adapted on Goh, K.L., M2-Pyruvate Kinase in the Detection of Colorectal Cancer, Abstract from the Coloprotology 2014, (International Scientific Congress) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (2014)

** Own illustration, adapted on Cho, C.H., Lee, B.J., Lim, C.S. Evaluation of the Performance of Fecal Tumor M2-PK Rapid Kit for Screening Colorectal Tumors Using Stool Specimens,Poster from the 54rd Congress of The Korean Society of Laboratory Medicine (KSLM) (2014)


Sensitivity M2-PK vs. iFOBT


A total of 323 healthy volunteers and patients with CRC were enrolled in 6 hospitals in Korea.

M2-PK was compared to iFOBT



M2-PK exhibited increased sensitivity for identifying CRC and adenoma compared with iFOBT.

(Kim et al., Gut and Liver 2015;9:641-648)


Sensitivity and Specificity of M2-PK 


A case control study with 115 CRC cases and 213 controls was conducted at the Malaya Medical Centre

to find out the sensitivity and specificity of the M2-PK test.



M2-PK is highly accurate test in the detection of CRC.Useful convenient diagnostic test for the detection of CRC.

(Sithambaram et al., PLoS ONE 10(7): e0131616. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0131616)


M2-PK as a first line Screening Tool for CRC? 


77 stool samples from general surgery and gastroenterology clinics have been tested for M2-PK.

Colonoscopies were performed by experienced endoscopists that were unaware of the M2-PK results.

Sensitivity and specificty of M2-PK in comparison to colonoscopy has been calculated.



M2-PK narrows the gap in clinical practice because it detects non- bleeding and bleeding tumors with high sensitivity and specificity.

M2-PK is recommended as a routine test prior to colonoscopy.

(Hajhamad et al., Poster PP 01 , Coloproctology, March12th - 15th 2015, At Melaka, Malaysia)


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