• i+MED LABORATORIES CO., LTD. was established on September 17, 2001, located at Ayothaya Tower, Ratchadapisek Road, Bangkok.
  • Our company operates around manufacturing medical equipment and related businesses. Our primary business model is the production of rapid diagnostic test kits that utilize the Chromatographic Immunoassay principle. These test kits are used as quality screening tests to detect antibodies or antigens in samples from humans, animals, plants, or components of certain substances or mixtures in food or raw materials.
  • In addition, i+MED also has a manufacturing plant located in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province, which is an industrial estate that has been certified with ISO 14001 environmental management standards. The building itself is specially designed for production and assembly of medical equipment, with complete control over temperature and various environmental factors. Moreover, there are strict standards and good manufacturing practices (GMP) for
    medical devices, as well as a certified quality management system in place.
  • The company is committed to bringing cutting-edge medical information technology into the medical industry, applying it to service delivery and sourcing quality medical products for the future.
  • We are committed to developing and delivering quality products and reliable services using state-of-the-art technology to meet the global demands and satisfaction of our customers.
    • 1. Using information technology (IT) in service delivery to meet the global demands and satisfaction of our customers.
    • 2. Sourcing quality products that align with healthcare technology standards.
    • 3.Streamlining processes by utilizing information systems to increase efficiency and reliability in service delivery.

Quality Policy

  • i+MED is committed to delivering quality products and services under a quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Value: Good Governance, Innovative Offerings, Value to Stakeholders, Excellent Processes/Operations Right now abbreviation is G.I.V.E. 
  • I.M.E.D. = Innovative offerings, More than a partner, Excellent processes/operations, Driving for success

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