-60℃ Biomedical Freezer



DW-60W388 DW-60W258 DW-60W138

หมวดหมู่ : Life Scinece Biomedical Freezer



  • Auto-cascade refrigeration technology
  • Energy saving and environmentally friendly 
  • Super quiet high-efficiency compressor
  • Polyurethane and VIP construction
  • Superior thermal insulation performance
  • Available Capacity: 138, 258 and 388L
  • Optional SMS alarm function, real-time notification of any abnormality

A versatile low-temperature freezer installed in hospitals, blood stations, diseases control & prevention centers, research institutions, bioscience laboratories and medical laboratories. It is suitable for storing a wide variety of biological products including viruses, bacteria, red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bone and semen as well as ocean-going supplies and electronic devices. It can also provide a low-temperature environment for testing of special materials.

The secondary application is for the storage of fishery products such as tuna, Australian lobster, salmon, South American shrimps, Argentina red shrimp, top-quality beef, kanpachi, octopus, yellowtail, bonito fish,grouper, and fugu rubripes. This is a requirement for fishery products for human consumption and hence these freezers are popular among professional oceanic fisherman, seafood distributors, speciality seafood stores and sushi restaurants and commercial food manufacturers.

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