Logistics Cold Chain Transport Cooler


หมวดหมู่ : Life Scinece Transport Cooler



  • Manufactured with vacuum insulation panel insulation technology, stable performance
  • Light weight with inlaid clasp, easy to carry
  • Smart IoT, check the insulation status at any time (Optional)

Product Features

Check the insulation status at any time

Real-time upload setting parameters, operation parameters, operation curve, alarm record and event record. Monitor the operation of the transport cooler through the UCool system to visualize the complete process and traceability of information.

Stable performance, long service life
The product adopts VIP insulation technology which has an insulation performance of 5-8 times that of polyurethane foam, and significant extended time temperature control that handles the changing transportation conditions and environment; It has long service life by adopting nanometer core material.

 Light weight, easy to carry
Light product with ergonomic design is easy to carry.

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